How To

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When rebuilding my regulator, what o-ring’s should I lube?

A: When you are rebuilding your regulator these are the o-rings you should be lubing. (A little goes a very long way!)

  • Adjustment Insert O-Ring – 012
  • Piston O-ring – 110 (Fat bottom o-ring)
  • Cartridge O-Ring – 019 (Big o-ring)

Q: When my burst disk blows, what action should I take?

A: The burst disks are the fail safe of the regulator. When your burst disk blows or is leaking that means something is damaged internally. CHANGING YOUR BURST DISK WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

You should make sure the reg is completely empty and off your tank. Once, your reg is empty, you should loosen the set screws and take the cap off the reg body. Take out your Puck or Ball Piston (depending on what gen you have) and see if there is any indents or debris on the ball or puck. If so, you will have to swap those parts out and replace them. At that point you will want to make sure there is no white chalk or metal chips inside the regulator and that it is clean. Once you are done doing that, put the regulator back together and then take the burst disk out that blew or is leaking AND remove the old burst disk washer and replace with a new burst disk washer and new burst disk. You should then be able to air your reg back up and have no further problems.

Q: What pressure variance does the TKO have?

A: When the adjustment insert is bottomed out you can achieve 375 psi at the lowest pressure. When the adjustment insert is adjusted all the way to the top you can achieve 650 psi at the highest. Any pressure you are wanting lower than 375 or higher than 650, you will have to contact us for a special build. You will need an adjustment tool or multi tool to adjust your insert to your desired pressure.

Q: What is the difference between each Gen of Reg?



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No SS Jet (Limited Life Span)

Piston Preset Reg Output Pressure (450 Red) (650 Blue)


(NEW) SS Adjustment Insert for Pressure adjustment


SS Adjustment Insert for Pressure adjustment

(NEW) SS Jet Technology (Replaceable Sealing Surface)


SS Adjustment Insert for Pressure adjustment

SS Jet Technology (Replaceable Sealing Surface)

(NEW) PowerPuck Sealing Technology